Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose


(grab heels/ head to floor)

Arms overhead sideways, palms flat together, elbows locked.

Take 4 foot step to right, while bringing arms out to sides, parallel to floor, palms facing down.

Toes slightly pointed in, knees locked, tight muscles engaged, kneecaps pulled up.

Maintaining a straight spine and a lifted chin, hinge forward at hips, lowering head toward floor.

Place fingers under heels. While grabbing heels, pull forehead to the floor, directly between feet.

Adjust feet closer together to create a challenge of getting forehead to floor.

Form a straight line from coccyx to head, perpendicular with floor.

Keep feet in position, bring upper body up.

Hands behind back (head to floor)

Starting out in final position of Standing Separate Leg Stretching, rotate shoulders while bringing hands to middle of back.

Place palms together, fingers pointing toward head, little fingers edge touching back, thumbs away from back.

Fingers straight, thumbs crossed. Slide hands toward head as far as possible. Maintaining a straight spine and lifted chin, hinge forward at hips and bring head down toward floor.

Establish forehead to floor contact. Ensure knees locked, thighs engaged, kneecaps pulled up, weight shifted forward toward toes.

Release hands; straighten arms out directly from shoulders.

Palms face floor while lifting head.

Maintaining straight spine, lift the upper body to upright position.

Step right foot to join left foot, while bringing straight arms overhead sideways, palms together.

Lower arms to sides.