Standing Head to Knee Pose


Bring weight into left leg, put knee in locked position with thigh muscle engaged to lift kneecap up.

Bend right knee and lift up right foot until right thigh is parallel with floor.

Knee is at waist level and foot is just below knee so that shin bone is perpendicular with the floor.

Curl the spine and bend over, interlace all ten fingers under the foot, just below the toes.

Maintaining a locked left knee, and engaged left thigh, extend right heel toward front mirror.

Flexing right foot, pull toes towards head.

When right leg is parallel with floor, knee in locked position and thigh engaged, bend elbows down toward floor.

Bring elbows below right calf muscle, tuck chin into chest, form a complete curl in spine and bring forehead to right knee.

While contracting abdominal muscles, compressing abdominal wall and maintaining complete contraction of right thigh, let go of right foot.

Straighten wrists so that straight fingers point directly to front mirror, palms slightly touching either side of right foot.

Arms straight, elbows locked. Right leg stays parallel with floor and forehead remains touching knee.

Lower right leg, bring feet together side by side, and lift head and torso to upright standing position, arms by sides of body.