Separate Hands Balancing Pose


(Split Arm)

Arms overhead sideways, palms together.

Elbows locked.

Chin is lifted off chest.

Stretch whole body up.

Step right foot forward 2 feet.

Shift body weight into right foot immediately.

Lock right knee, engage thigh muscle and pull knee cap up.

Lift left foot off the floor, lock left knee, engage thigh, and pull kneecap up.

Point the foot and toes.

While lifting left leg, arms separate and sweep from shoulders, fingers together, palms facing down.

Continue sweeping arms back toward body and simultaneously lower torso so that eventually bottom of rib cage touches left thigh.

While moving into position, chin remains lifted. With bottom of ribcage on right thigh, arms 2 feet from body, chest lifted, look in mirror and create complete backward bending arch in spine.

Continue deepening arch in spine and lift left leg, eventually creating full standing split of legs.

Upon achieving perfect standing split, lift right heel off floor as high as possible.

Lower heel, lower left leg, lift upper body and return to upright standing position with feet together side by side and arms down to sides of body.