Salute to the Sun

Surjyanamaskar (8 count series/ 2 sets)

Stand with toes and heels touching arms by your side

Count 1: bring hands to prayer position at center of chest

Count 2: keeping palms together, bring hands up overhead. Straighten arms, lock elbows. Drop head, push hips forward, bring arms back into deep backward bend.

Count 3: With arms beside the ears, elbows locked, move through upright position and hinge forward at waist with a straight spine until palms are flat on the floor outside of feet, fingers are facing the mirror, aligned with toes. Forehead to knees.

Count 4: Bend the knees into full squatting position, heels on the floor, with hips close to the floor. Chin remains tucked, forehead into knees and gaze is at the floor.

Count 5: Keeping chin tucked, right leg steps back on to toes, heel off the floor. Right knee locked, thigh muscle engaged with left leg at a 90-degree angle, thigh parallel to floor forming a deep lunge position. Palms remain flat on floor, fingers facing forward. Chin stays tucked. Forehead to knees.

Count 6: Lift head up and gaze forward.

Count 7: Step left foot back onto toes, even with right foot. Left leg forms same locked position as right leg. Elbows locked. Back and legs in straight line. Chin still lifted and gaze forward.

Count 8: With tip of elbow pointing to the back, keep elbows next to ribcage and bend so that chin, chest, hips and knees lower to about 1 inch above floor

Count 8: Push upper body off the floor until elbows lock forming straight line with spine and legs. Chin lifted, gaze forward. Count 7: In one motion, left foot steps forward between hands. Heel is flat on the floor, toes in line with fingertips. Chin lifted, gaze forward.

Count 6: Tuck chin, bring forehead toward left knee.

Count 5: Step right foot forward in line with left foot. Knees bent, hips dropped, chin tucked. Heels and palms flat on floor.

Count 4: Straighten legs, lift hips up. Straighten arms, palms flat on floor. Chin tucked, forehead to shins. Count 3: Bring hands to together, palms flat. Arms are straight beside ears and elbows locked. In one motion, hinge at waist with straight spine and sweep arms toward mirror and then up to ceiling.

Count 2: Drop head, push hips forward, bring arms back into deep backward bend.

Count 1: Keeping hands in prayer position lift head and bring arms straight overhead. Gaze forward. Lower hands to center of chest. Lower hands, arms touching by your side.