Awkward Pose


Part 1

Step right foot to the right, creating a six-inch gap between inside borders of the feet.

Feet are parallel, equal distance between toes and heels.

Raise straight arms forward towards mirror, shoulder height, palms face down, all 5 fingers together, hands six inches apart.

Bend knees and sit down until hips are slightly above height of knees.

Create a backward bend in the spine, bring upper body back and depress abdominal wall.

Straighten legs, return to standing position with straight arms parallel to floor, maintaining six inch gap between hands and feet.

Part 2

Stand up on toes by lifting heels off the floor as high as possible.

Maintaining a straight spine, slowly bend knees and sit down until hips are just above height of knees.

Straighten legs, lower heels and return feet to flat position.

Maintain 6-inch distance between feet and hands.

Part 3

Slightly go up on toes, lifting heels a couple of inches from the floor.

While maintaining a straight spine, bring inside of knees and thighs together to touch.

Bend knees and slowly lower hips until slightly above heels.

Keeping knees together, straighten legs and return to standing position.

Separate knees, lower heels, arms by side and bring right foot to left.